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why terra

Terra means Earth, Ground –  I want to center people with

Breathwork and Music. I perform live with handpan,

didgeridoo and djembe, as well as selected sound with

mostly ethnic and tribal downtempo beats.




2016: QiGong course

2017: TaiJi course

2018: Ski instructor certificate

2019: Wim Hof Methode Fundamentals®

2020: Hale Breathguide®

2021: Breatheology Entrepreneur®

2022: Hale Breathguide® Mentor Lvl2

2023: keep on practicing is the key :)

my story


My name is Markus Johann Busslehner and I was born in 1988 in Tirol (AUT), in a little touristic area called Achensee. I grew up in my parents´ hotel, together with my two siblings. I had a beautiful childhood, surrounded by mountains, sport and passion for music. Soon, after I finished tourism high school, I started traveling the world, looking for the purpose in my life. At the end I worked, backpacked and travelled in over 30 countries. God, I was stressed out and still did not find the answer. I needed to leave the outer world behind...after attending an alternative festival in 2016 in the US – my inner journey started slowly kicking in. In the following years I started to search, dig and try. Aikido, Shiatsu Workshops, Yoga, Makko Ho,... I even changed my long term passion for Hospitality and switched into Sales.



2019 - I thought I was doing well and was on the right way, but I still struggled! In fact, I got scammed by some cyber criminals by losing all my savings back then. I went into a stressed existential crisis, until I stumbled over a Wim Hof Method instructor. It was the moment when I came in touch for the first time ever with Breathwork. The experience was just beyond words... I implemented the Wim Hof Method into my daily routine and I started to recover: stress and anxiety disappeared.

2020 – the pandemic. I learned to let it go and to not live any longer in expectations. It was so beautiful not knowing and planning ahead, I just loved that time! Instead of letting me drag down, I used that time of not knowing and turned it into fuel. In May 2020 I isolated myself for a week somewhere in the Alps at 1500m, going deeper into Breathwork, Meditation and Nature. I decided to go for a Breathwork Teacher Training in Stockholm.



I guide my clients out of their heads and into their body. Motto: turn clients back to a human. I support people to tap into their innate resilience, fire up their potential and enhance their health through Breathwork. Better breathing habits will be integrated into every day, breath by breath. So many answers we are looking for, are already with in. Take action and be the Alchemist – the one in charge.


Love and Gratitude


M. is driven to teach people how to heal themselves.

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